A locksmith/security company specializes in lock security problems and is better suited to prescribe security solutions.


A high quality installation is just as important as a high quality product.


A good locksmith/security company will be bonded-licensed-insured and certified.


High quality goods offer things like

  • Pick and drill resistance
  • Access control Options
  • Protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys

High quality service offers things like

  • Getting the job done right the first time.
  • Quick response times are very important when security is at risk.
  • Complete door hardware schedules and key audits.

We Specialize In

  • Retail businesses/franchises/factory outlet chains
  • Commercial/industrial businesses
  • Government agencies – Federal/State/Local
  • Hospitals/health care services/doctors
  • Restaurants/fast food chains
  • Bank banking services/financial services
  • Churches/schools/day care centers
  • Property management/realtors/contractors/builders
  • Convenience stores/grocery stores


We have been solving security problems for our satisfied customers for over 20 years.


A&B prides itself on a highly trained staff. We are continuously sending our technicians for technical training to better prescribe security solutions for our valued customers.

Convenient Service

A&B Security Group has a convenient location for our walk in customers and 14 mobile units to provide fast, dependable services to our valued customers.

Pride and Conviction

We at A&B Security Group want to act as your security consultants. We pride ourselves on protecting our customers against burglary, robbery, inside theft, vandalism, and life and fire safety issues.