7 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Security

With so many options available for commercial security companies, finding one to suit your specific needs can often feel overwhelming. The best way to find a company that offers the right solution for your business is through research and asking thoughtful questions. A high-quality security company will gladly answer your questions and work with you.

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Taking the time to prepare a list of questions to ask a prospective commercial security company will prove highly valuable in the end. The following questions will provide better insight to help you find a reputable company to keep your commercial business secure, at a fair price.

Is the company licensed in my state? How long have you been in business?

It is always important to ensure the company you are considering has the right certifications and licensing to operate in your state. If nothing else, be sure to check they have a business license and that anyone who will have access to your business is licensed, bonded and insured. Security companies that have been operating in your community for an extended period of time tend to be more reputable and will gladly provide customer references.

How will my security system will be monitored?

It is essential to understand how your security system works and how it is controlled. Ask whether the system will rely on your primary phone line or if a person will be actively monitoring 24 hours a day.

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If a person is monitoring, always ensure they have the necessary qualifications and licenses. You may also want to opt for a fully equipped closed circuit television system that allows you to monitor your business as well.

What type of warranty or guarantees does the system include?

Any system that includes hardware installation should include a manufacturer’s guarantee. The guarantee should cover any potential damage from manufacturing defects. This offers an added level of comfort knowing you have a long-term, reliable solution.

Does the system allow for multiple user codes?

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Multiple access codes are essential for any commercial security solution. This allows you to efficiently track who has access to the business facilities. You should be able to provide different levels of access to different employees based on their needs.

Are there any additional fees?

It is important to establish potential cost and any fees up front, so you are fully aware of what you are buying. Be sure to determine fees like monthly monitoring, installation and false alarms that are in addition the initial cost of the system. Any reputable company will be happy to give you a full quote including fees ahead of time.

What type of technology will be used?

Technological advancements may offer an added level of protection to a commercial security solution. It is necessary to understand how a security company will use technology to keep your business secure. You will also want to ensure they take appropriate measures to keep any data private and protected.

Finding the best commercial security company for your particular needs does not have to be hard. By doing ample research and asking the right questions, you are sure to find a reputable company that will work to provide you with the best solution.


  1. Jason Scott Dec 22, 2015 - 05:15 PM

    I like how you said, “It is always important to ensure the company you are considering has the right certifications and licensing to operate in your state”. I had an experience when I hired a company that wasn’t licenced to work in the state. It ended up causing so much trouble. I will never make that mistake again. It is a great question to ask up front.

  2. hypotheek rente aftrek Mar 10, 2016 - 12:41 PM

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  3. Tara Jones Mar 23, 2016 - 08:01 PM

    Thanks for the recommendation to ask how it will be monitored. I have plans to open a boutique at the end of the year, and, of course, having security is very important to me. I feel like having someone actively monitor it will be the best option, that way if there is a break in we’ll know about it immediately. Also, that CCTV you mentioned – are those usually included in security plans or are most people’s separate?

    • A&B Security Mar 24, 2016 - 04:49 PM

      There are many options with CCTV, this can and should be included in your security plan. When choosing a provider make sure to ask what options they have available. Using video verification of an alarm is highly recommended, this will reduce your false alarm dispatching and increase the value of your system and time. False alarms are bothersome and can be costly.

  4. Scott Dec 09, 2016 - 04:45 PM

    I like that you point out to ask about the warranty or guarantee of the system. I can see why this would be nice in case something goes wrong. My sister is thinking about having a security system installed at her house because her neighbor’s houses have been getting robbed. I’ll have to make sure she asks these questions when meeting with a consultant.