Understanding Home and Business Security Basics

The best home security option is a combination of good sense and high quality solutions. There are several small and effective, low-cost measures that can be put into place to reduce your home’s risk of burglary. When it comes to purchasing home security hardware and technology, the marketplace can often be confusing. Home security, as a commodity, is unique in that the higher priced options don’t always equate to more effective solutions. Take, for instance, the classic four-digit garage door keypad; this staple security product can be hacked in under one minute using a decoding device derived from a child’s toy.

According to Robert Krughoff, president of Consumers’ Checkbook, in his assessment of various home security companies, “We see a lot of variation in price and no real relationship between quality and price.” It stands to reason that your home security is maximized not by purchasing the most expensive system available, but by developing a detail-driven, common sense strategy — one supplemented by reliable, easy-to use tools.

The Power of Small Details

Your first line of defense against burglary is your attention to detail. When leaving for vacation, don’t broadcast your absence on social media, or allow newspapers to stack up on your driveway. Save your sandy beach Instagram posts for when you return home, and have your neighbor pick up your newspaper or contact your carrier to temporarily suspend deliveries. Another small, yet simple and effective, way to protect your home is through the installation of automatic light timers. They can help protect your home while you are there or away.

About 30 percent of residential burglaries do not involve forced entry, and a majority of business burglaries are non-forced as well. Avoid giving thieves easy access to your home or business by keeping your windows securely locked, and blocking the window’s sliding track with a sturdy wooden dowel. In non-forced burglaries, thieves are often equipped with a key. Be mindful of whom you leave your house key; babysitters, valets, even relatives should only come into possession of your house key when absolutely necessary. If you are concerned about unauthorized use of your home or business key, rekeying may be a good option to consider.

A Common Sense Key Security Solution

Another simple, yet highly effective, way to prevent unauthorized access of your home or business is through replacement of standard locks with special security cylinder locks. The lock features a third locking element within the cylinder, increasing the number of key codes available to 13 billion, and making them nearly impossible to pick. The keys associated with these locks can only be duplicated by manufacturer certified professionals, and only after receiving written authorization from the owner.

Smart, Efficient, Affordable Monitoring

Having your home or business surveilled by closed circuit security cameras is a great, and highly customizable, way to deter burglary. A&B’s closed circuit television systems allow property owners to scale their surveillance solutions. For some sites, such as a safe box or gate, a single camera and monitor will provide the requisite coverage. Other more complex sites may require a multi-camera network, night vision, motion detection, covert cameras, or other tools.

Home Security: It’s Worth Thinking About

The economy of home security is such that small, simple, and inexpensive measures can prove to be of indispensable value. The best thing you can do to protect your home or business is to find a reliable, trustworthy security firm where all employees are licensed, bonded and insured. This will allow an added level of security knowing those who have access to the most valuable parts of your life understand what a big undertaking residential and commercial security is. Good solutions can be highly effective, but only after a thoughtful home or business security analysis that is directly responsive to your particular risks and needs.

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