Our Services

Through constant commitment to education, training and product awareness, we at A & B Security Group strive to prescribe the best possible solutions customized to each client’s needs. With products and services ranging from high security locks, safes, ADA compliant hardware and CCTV Surveillance systems, to protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys, keeping current with the latest security developments guarantees our customers the highest level of expertise in all areas of the security industry.

We are pleased to present you with this information to assist you in understanding the role that A & B Security Group plays as your partnership in security. We take your security against burglary, vandalism and inside theft as seriously as you do.

A&B Security Alarm Keypad

Alarms & Security

A&B Security Group offers alarm and security system solutions for residential and commercial needs. From CCTV systems, interactive alarms, to access control systems we can provide a custom security solution for any customer.

A&B Security - Medeco lock 2


At A&B Security Group we provide locksmithing services for homes and businesses.

If you’ve ever given your keys to a parking lot attendant or valet, given keys to the cleaning service or fired an employee, there is potential for the keys to your business to fall into the wrong hands. In only a few minutes, keys can be duplicated at many hardware and discount stores nationwide.  A&B Security Group has the solution!

A&B Security Safe


Multilevel Security is our business at A&B Security Group. On top of quality services we also provide a large selection of safes to keep your valuables secure in your home or business.

Throughout our catalog you’ll find safes that offer fire and burglar protection as well as gun safes.