An effective security system should help you and your family feel safe, calm and at ease in your home. In order for a security system to effectively achieve this goal, there must be a certain level of trust with the company behind the system itself.

At A&B Security, we have been providing the most reliable and comprehensive security and alarm systems to the Las Vegas community since 1987. As a trusted provider for both residential and commercial alarm systems, we understand no two people will have the same needs. This is why we pride ourselves on providing custom solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

When deciding on what type of system is right for you and which company to choose, there are four things to consider to help you pick the right one for you.

Security System Effectiveness

The purpose of a security system is simple: to provide protection to your home or business. In order for this goal to be achieved, your system must provide coverage for every area of your home or business. Many of today’s security companies advertise this type of full coverage, comprehensive protection, but often take cost cutting measures that could potentially put you at risk.

A&B Security strives to provide only the best and latest systems backed by professional monitoring of these highly reliable systems 24/7. These systems offer an unprecedented level of protection unmatched by any other provider in the community.

Ease of Use

No matter how high-tech a system is, it will not serve its intended purpose if everyone in your home or business is unable to operate it. This is why it is important to consider ease of use in relation to effectiveness when deciding on which system is right for your home or business. A&B Security offers the widest range of different systems all with varying levels of protection and ease of use coupled with a highly knowledgeable staff who are prepared to answer every question or concern you have.


A highly effective security system will deter a potential threat before anything actually occurs. No matter what system you pick, the installation company should make efforts to let potential burglars that your home or business is armed. This is relatively simple to do, however, can prove to be difficult to preserve the original ambiance if not done by a well-trained and highly skilled technician. The expert installation techs at A&B Security have years of experience in helping customers find the right balance.


One of the most common concerns about getting a security system is cost. It is important to determine what your budget may be for something like that well in advance. A specific budget will not prohibit you from getting a high-quality security system for your home or business. There are many different and highly customizable options for every different budget requirement.

A security system is one of the best investments you can make to protect your home or business. This is why it is important to do some research ahead of time when buying a system, and also find a highly-reliable and well-regarded company, like A&B Security to help you find the right one for you.