A&B Security Group is proud to be a retailer of the leader in Smart Home Security solutions provided by industry leader, Alarm.com. With over 25 years of experience, A&B Security Group takes home and business security to the next level with a partnership with the leader of customized, solutions.

About Alarm.com

As a leader in innovative and award winning technology, Alarm.com is dedicated to providing better security solutions coupled with dependable service and advanced automation functioning. By connecting a wide array of smart devices that are controlled through a single mobile app, Alarm.com is able to provide millions of people with better security and service. The one-of-a-kind solutions offered by Alarm.com can only be installed by authorized, professional partners.


Services Offered

As the first company to perfect and patent many of these technologically advanced products and services, Alarm.com has a much wider and more advanced selection that competitors.

Interactive Security:

Offering a mobile app with instant, customized image alerts, personalized user codes, a back log of time and event history and emergency response functionality, Alarm.com does interactive better. You will always know what is happening in your home or business with these advanced solutions.

Video Monitoring:

Now, you can see everything that is happening at your home or business in real time with the most comprehensive video monitoring solutions currently available. Featuring the ability to live stream HD quality video, set video alerts that are triggered by certain actions, activate smart clip captures to better understand what is happening at your property and continuously record, Alarm.com is best in class.


Use the technology available to better access your home or business. The enhanced access features include controls for high-security locks and garage doors, remote access via mobile app, alerts in real time, unique user identification codes and full automation of all entry points on your property.

Energy Management:

Alarm.com allows you to stay comfortable while saving money and energy with an accurate and responsive system. With the award winning smart thermostat you can seamlessly coordinate, automate and control every aspect of your energy system.

The complete home automation offered by Alarm.com allows you to effectively use technology to better secure your property. A&B Security Group provides the services offered by Alarm.com as fully customized plans based on your specific needs. The professional technicians at A&B Security Group will take the time to understand your needs, recommend specific solutions and expertly install your system