Whether you need repair work done on a lock at your home or business, or need emergency locksmith services, A&B Security Group is the best choice for all of your locksmithing needs. Helping the Las Vegas community for over 25 years, our professional technicians are available 24/7.

Keying Services:

Whether you have recently purchased a home or business, or have recently experienced a security breach at your home or business, keying services from A&B Security Group are the best option. We are proud to provide our customers with the option to replace any traditional lock cylinder with a more high security lock option. These highly secure replacement options cannot be picked and can only have duplicate keys made by A&B Security with written permission from you.

Even if you do not opt for these specific kind of cylinders, having your home or business rekeyed after purchase or a breach is a good option to provide extra peace of mind.

Key Duplication Services:

Although there are several different options for key duplication available, some of these may not be the most trustworthy or reliable. A&B Security Group will provide affordable key duplication you can trust. Don’t leave the safety and security of your home or business to a random person or machine at a retail store when you can ensure your safety is the number one priority of the professionals at A&B Security Group.