Security Never Sleeps

No matter what application you need a closed-circuit system or security camera for there are plenty of different options available at A&B Security sure to meet your specific needs.

Security Never Sleeps

No matter what application you need a closed-circuit system or commercial security camera for there are plenty of different options available at A&B Security sure to meet your specific needs.

A&B Security - High-Quality Security Cameras

High-Quality Commercial Security Cameras

Commercial security cameras are one of the most basic and essential security solutions out there. They not only help protect you and your possessions or business, they can even be important for insurance compliance as well as reducing your liability.

As security system specialists we know how important it is to have a security system that is designed to meet your key objectives. An A&B Security specialist will work with you to create a custom design from the planning stage all the way through to installation and implementation. We can also handle the repair and maintenance of all your camera systems, plus any additional configuration that may be needed in the future.

Having high-quality equipment is critical to maximize the reliability and efficiency of your commercial security system. Cheap, box store camera kits are notorious for producing a highly compromised security solution. At A&B Security, we work with the world’s leading security camera brands, including Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, Digital Watchdog, Toshiba, Lorex, and Swann.


At A&B Security, we back all of our security camera systems with decades of experience in Las Vegas, and a customer service team you can count on.

Business Security Cameras in Las Vegas

Naturally, your business’s security is probably one of your highest concerns. Well posted security cameras are one of the most practical solutions for protecting your employees, your customers, and your property. The obvious presence helps to discourage threats of trespass and burglary as 60% of burglars say the presence of a security system will deter them from that location. It can also help reduce your risks of vandalism, just by having visible proof that you have a security system in place.

A well-designed system also offers other benefits. For instance, allowing you to monitor employee productivity from almost anywhere. These provide proof against false insurance claims and can help keep your rates more affordable. A high-quality security camera system is a good idea for every business, regardless of its size or industry.

A&B Security - Commercial Security Cameras
A&B Security - Commercial Property Security Cameras

Our expert technicians know how important it is to have an effective and well-designed security system. We’ll work with you to design a system that will let you monitor your business whether you’re monitoring the system from inside your business, or a remote location.

We offer training on how to access the live-feed video as well as archived recordings. We also maintain a professional support staff to answer any questions about the equipment or software in your security system.

By linking your security camera footage to a secure account, you’ll be able to login to your live camera feeds and archived footage from your mobile devices or computer, any time of day, anywhere with a signal.

By creating user profiles for your security system you’ll be able to create a team to monitor your cameras 24/7. Control security access levels and permissions with the push of a button, and quickly enable or disable users anytime.

Your industry may be required to install security cameras based on local or state regulations. It’s important to obey those regulations to protect your business, but there are good reasons to install security cameras even if you aren’t required to have them.

Your business insurance providers may be willing to provide a discount when you install qualifying security systems, and we’ll work with you to meet your insurance requirements and see if you qualify for benefits.

There is nothing effective about standard security systems that haven’t been customized to meet the needs of your business. Our process designs a custom security camera system that accounts for the size and shape of your business, big or small, and can even handle multiple locations.

We can interconnect camera systems, and also link our cameras with software that lets you access your live camera feed from your desktop, phone, or tablet. Organizing and managing video files can also be handled from the convenience of your mobile devices or home desktop, and sort by individual cameras and locations.

It’s simple to save important footage for later review, set custom motion detection zones, and even virtual tripwires to send immediate notifications of any suspicious activity.

Don’t settle for a system that just monitors what happens. Our security systems provide real-time alerts to help you intervene faster anytime your business is at risk.

CCTV, What It Is and How It Helps

Closed-circuit television is one of the most powerful security measures you can take to protect your business. Closed-circuit feeds transmit to a limited number of monitors, like your management office or the security office on your property.

This real-time feed can be monitored to provide additional security, especially during business hours and for businesses that regularly welcome guests and customers into their premises.

A&B Security - CCTV Security Systems

A good CCTV system can be used to strategically prevent common crimes like theft and vandalism from even happening, by providing a visual deterrent. Simply display cameras in easy to see locations and see your rate of vandalism decrease. CCTV footage can also be invaluable in identifying individuals causing harm inside your business.

A&B Security - Residential Security Cameras

Home Security Cameras

Las Vegas is home to a lot of large apartment buildings and complexes that have large and ever-changing populations of tenants, which unfortunately means that the risk of violence and crime in Las Vegas residences can be high.
A good security system is a very practical solution for protecting tenants and property.

Custom designed home security systems using HD, IP, and digital CCTV can all help you maintain a safe environment for tenants, no matter what kind of housing development you’re in.

A&B Security provides custom security camera systems for the whole range of residential buildings from individual family homes to large apartment complexes. Our systems are designed not only to provide enhanced security for residents, but also to provide additional peace of mind to tenants, building owners, investors, and property managers.

We can provide systems with 24/7 remote access, on-site monitoring, and long-term data storage and video retrieval options.

Access Your Surveillance System from Your Smartphone

Use your smartphone to log in to your security camera systems to view, and even send video, anytime. Log in to check in on your home wherever you are, whenever you need to.

A&B Security - Smartphone Security Camera Access
A&B Security - Custom Home Security Camera Solutions

Customized Home Security Camera Solutions

Every home is a little different, so we make sure to listen to your concerns and priorities while installing your security system, customizing your design to meet your particular needs.

Our expert team will evaluate the layout of your home before making any recommendations and designing a strategic security system that minimizes blind spots and prioritizes vulnerable locations to keep your home safer.

We work to make sure you’ll always have eyes on emergencies, if and when they occur, and using cutting edge equipment to give you the most possible uptime.

Security Cameras in Las Vegas

As a leader in the safety and security solutions industry, the experts at A&B Security have over 20 years of experience providing the Las Vegas community with customized protection. Our team has helped countless people better understand their security needs and decide on the right course of action. All of our closed circuit and other security solutions are installed by licensed contractors to meet Nevada code. Our closed-circuit systems are not only customizable but extremely affordable as well.

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A&B Security in Las Vegas, NV offers high-quality security cameras for residential and commercial properties, regardless of size or industry.

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