Securing the Future

A&B Security will carefully design your security system to control the flow of traffic inside your building as well as preventing unauthorized access.

Securing the Future

A&B Security will carefully design your security system to control the flow of traffic inside your building as well as preventing unauthorized access.

Keyless Entry Systems in Las Vegas

Keyless entry systems are one of the most convenient and secure entry security systems you can use. They’re not only easy to use day to day, but some also even allow you to check on your property from your smartphone or computer.

A keyless entry system can also eliminate the worry of a lost key, or the need to get keys copied and/or the locks changed. As the Admin, you can simply program the system to grant and restrict entry access as needed. Typically, there are no extra steps or professional service expenses needed.

A&B Security - Keyless Entry

A&B Security offers a range of features for of keyless entry system. These can be configured to meet your exact needs and customized to provide the level of security you’re looking for. Here are some common features available:

  • Smartphone Monitoring
  • ID Access Cards
  • One-touch Fobs
  • Card Readers and Printers
  • Keypad Entry Systems
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With our wide selection, you’ll find the system that makes the most sense for your property and possessions.


Our advanced keyless entry systems are designed to meet the needs of the Las Vegas community.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems

We’re committed to only offering the highest quality keyless entry systems for both our residential and commercial customers. Our expert technicians will work with you to make sure your security concerns are addressed, no matter which keyless entry system you choose.

A&B Security - Keypad Keyless LockKeypad systems are easy to install and easy to use. These systems are best for in-person use where the people who need access to a given space or building can type in the code directly on the keypad.

However, while that adds a layer of security through the key code and helps prevent remote access, these systems are also limited in some respects. They cannot be accessed by administrators and security management to resolve problems or to remote lock or unlock the door.


A&B Security - Key Fob Security

Keyless Fob locks, also called proximity keyless entry systems, are one of the simplest systems for the user. They are a good option in commercial settings because they grant automatic access for employees and visitors with very little user effort. These systems usually just require that the fob or key card be tapped on the lock system to disengage the lock. Key fobs or card keys are a good option for being able to quickly grant and change access levels and creating limited access zones within a building.

Fob keyless entry systems are also relatively simple for administrators to use remotely. It’s simple to deactivate a lost fob or to change the level of access given fob is granted. Giving a new fob access is also a simple process that makes onboarding employees and welcoming guests that much easier. However, like keypads, fob controlled locking mechanisms cannot be accessed or unlocked remotely.


A&B Security - Remote Keyless Lock Control

Remote keyless entry systems rely on a different kind of entry system based on wireless options like Bluetooth connections, WiFi, and Z-wave connections. This kind of security system is also sometimes known as Smart locks since they rely on the same kind of connections as other smart technologies like your phone.

Smart lock systems have the option of using a combination of access control systems to let you create a more customized access system. They can also use keyed locks, key cards, and fob access systems, or a combination of both.

The main feature the separates remote keyless entry systems are that they pair the lock fob or card with a smartphone. These locks can also be monitored and accessed remotely thanks to their wireless connection systems.

Smart locks work with cloud-based software that may also be mobile-friendly. That means that cloud-based monitoring services are also possible. Usually, these systems work best for businesses that need to be able to monitor their locking and security systems closely, and who benefit from the ability to check on their security systems on the go.

More advanced versions of remote keyless entry systems can also be paired with other security systems, like cameras and alarms, to create a more secure environment for guests and employees.


Electronic Locks are Safer than Traditional Locks

Sometimes a low-tech option is better than a high-tech option, but that just isn’t the case when it comes to locking and security systems. Electronic locks are significantly more secure than traditional keyed locks and give you a lot more control over access authorization and tracking options.

Traditional keys always have the risk of being duplicated, especially if you’ve ever loaned that key to a friend, family member, or coworker.

Duplicated keys not only put you at risk of unauthorized entry, but they can also represent a significant cost to you or your business since you’ll typically have to replace your locks to solve the problem.

In addition to offering enhanced safety over traditional locks, we also offer electronic locks in a variety of styles and finishes that can fit the aesthetic of your home or business for a more professional finish.

A&B Security - Safer Keyless Entry Locks

Cost-efficient and Flexible Access Control

A&B Security - Keyless Access Control

One of the best features of electronic locks is that you’ll never have to change your locks again. You can change the access code or revoke and change permissions on key cards and fobs without ever having to touch the actual locking mechanism. You are always in control of who is granted entry, which means that you can avoid unwanted entry much more easily.

Electronic locks also lock automatically when doors are closed. No need to remember to lock the doors and no risk of anyone without the necessary access card or pin will be able to access the room. You also have greater control over the details of your security system since you can customize your electronic locks to meet the exact needs of your facility. Control lock timing, whether certain doors are always open or always locked, and which users have access to which areas. Electronic lock systems are also incredibly cost-efficient and flexible security systems that can be changed and updated as needed.

Commercial Properties and Storage Facilities

Commercial property security is always critical. A good control system for your electronic lock system makes it simple to give and revoke access for new renters and leaving or delinquent renters. They also offer completely remove access for better security and safety.


Electronic locks provide the high-security standards required by HIPPA for healthcare practices of all sizes. Our customization will allow you to meet “double-lock” standards for patient information and also give you better control over the flow of traffic through your facility.

A&B Security - Biometric Keyless Lock

Keyless Entry for Apartment Buildings

Having a great electronic locking system can give employees and tenants in your apartment complex or duplex peace of mind. A good apartment security system can combine electronic locks with keypad entry points, cameras, and other visible security to deter crime and create a sense of safety inside.

Employee Access Cards

Most companies and big businesses are familiar with employee access cards, and most of us have used one at work before. These systems are customizable and help to grant and control in-building access for all employees, helping keep different parts of your business more focused. These systems are also more secure since lost cards are easily replaced and deactivated.

Property Rental and Airbnb

Offer your renters higher security as a benefit, while also increasing the security of your property. Changing the codes gives even high-turnover properties better security. No more lost keys and expensive lock changes.

A&B Security - Commercial Property Keyless Locks
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50% of all burglaries happen through unlocked doors, so installing a good security system is one of the best ways to reduce your overall risk at home and at work. Our expert team at A&B Security will help you design your security system to meet all the needs of your building, no matter how challenging.

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