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At A&B Security Group, we are proud to use our knowledge of the latest technology and developments in commercial security systems to guarantee an unparalleled level of protection for your business.

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Customized Commercial Security Systems

You’ve worked hard to build your Las Vegas business and you know how important it is to protect everything inside, from your property to your personnel. Good commercial security systems not only help in the case of an emergency, but they can also help prevent problems from ever happening in the first place.

A&B Security Group has offered our security services to the Las Vegas business community since 1987. Not only do we know how to customize your security system to meet your business’s unique needs, but we have the history to know what kinds of security systems are most effective in Las Vegas.

Commercial Security Systems in Las Vegas

Don’t settle for working with multiple different security services to cobble together a comprehensive system for your business. A&B Security Services offers comprehensive security systems to help keep your business safe.

Our flexible security systems can be tailored to meet the needs of any commercial property here in Las Vegas, including customizing different security zones and accommodating different needs throughout the day.

A&B Security - Security Systems in Las Vegas

Burglary Protection

Theft is one of the most common risks for most businesses, which means that theft protection is one of the most important security services your business needs.

Our Burglary Protection systems are custom designed by our expert security team. That way you have a comprehensive intrusion detection system that is designed specifically for your property, eliminating common blind spots, and reducing the risk of an undetected intruder.

A&B Security Systems state of the art equipment, including motion sensors and audible alarms, you can rest easier knowing that your business is safer.

Access Control

Switching to an access control system that uses electronic locks instead of traditional keys and lock systems can add additional security to your business. With keyless entry, your business is safer. No more risk from lockpicks or simple lock cutters. Access control can form a critical aspect of your commercial security systems. Electronic locks can also be customized to provide different levels of access and more nuanced control of all your business’s entry points.


Not every entrance or internal door needs an electronic lock. Using the latest in lock technology, which often includes lock codes in addition to or instead of a traditional key, locks can be one of the most effective ways to protect your business.

Incorporated into your commercial security systems, A&B Security Group’s high-tech locking systems are a huge theft deterrent and an important part of protecting your business and everything inside.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is one of the most important lines of defense against wrongdoing both inside and outside of your business. A good video surveillance system not only alerts you of any malicious actions taken in or around your business, visible cameras can also act as a deterrent.

Prevent and catch any acts of vandalism, and other acts of wrong-doing before they can cause damage to your business or personnel.

Customize your video surveillance system, whether it’s one camera or a dozen, and know that A&B’s security system has your back. That way you and everyone at your business can focus on more important things.

Commercial Safes

Commercial safes are one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your business’s security. Work with our experts at A&B Security Group to pick the perfect safe (or safes) for your business’s needs and know that your assets are properly protected.


Finding the right commercial security service can be a challenge. Here in Las Vegas, it’s important for businesses to not only have a security system in place but also to know that they are is in good hands.

Protect Your Business While Saving You Money

Protecting your business is about more than just protecting yourself from vandalism or the occasional loss. A good security system saves you money in the long term and helps fill security gaps when your business is more likely to be targeted.

Having a top-quality system in place to protect your business and its assets can also give you added peace of mind, and even makes your business personnel feel more secure at work.

Don’t let your business be disrupted by a preventable theft or other crime. Time is money, and your business deserves the security of advanced commercial security systems that help keep things running smoothly.

A&B Security - Business Security Systems

Personnel Safety

Your personnel wants to know that they are safe at work. Providing commercial security systems for your business not only helps improve productivity, but it also tells your personnel that you care about their safety.

A well-designed system will not disrupt their normal work routines and can actually help your personnel feel more secure in what they do.

Reduce Theft

Theft is responsible for 3.4 billion dollars in losses every year in the United States. Commercial security systems are your business’s first line of defense against petty theft and other harmful activity. Your security system will help protect your business from all forms of theft, including harmful employee theft that can increase shrinkage and reduce your profit margins.

Asset and Inventory Management

Knowing that your inventory is more secure thanks to enhanced theft protection and from your commercial security system makes it easier to keep track of your current assets and inventory. Get more time to handle management tasks and help your business run more smoothly.

Stay Informed Wherever You Are

Modern business owners cannot spend all of their time monitoring the state of their businesses, whether you only have one business or several. Instead of hoping that things are going well and waiting for updates from personnel on-site, having great commercial security systems will let you keep your finger on the pulse of everything that is happening at your businesses.

Rest easier knowing that your property is secure, even when you’re away.

A&B Security - Leave Security to Us

Leave the Security Systems to Us

You need more than just a good security system. Your business needs a system that is customized for your space and the specific needs of your business. The expert team and A&B Security Group will work with you to create the exact kind of security you need.

It’s easy to work with security companies in Las Vegas that give you a standard security system, but standard systems will never perform as well as customized systems using the latest in security technology. We specialize in creating expert security tailored to every business we work with because we know how important it is to meet your business’s unique needs.

A&B Security Group has been a trusted name in Las Vegas commercial security systems for 20 years. See the customized security system difference for yourself.

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A&B Security Services in Las Vegas, Nevada offers comprehensive commercial security systems to help keep your business safe.

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