Locked out?

Helping the Las Vegas community for 25 years, A&B Security Group’s professional technicians are available 24/7.

Locked out?

Helping the Las Vegas community for 25 years, A&B Security Group’s professional technicians are available 24/7.

Experienced Locksmith
in Las Vegas, NV

Locks are a part of everyday life. They protect your home and your business. We know that it can be hard to find a locksmith you trust and who is reliable and available when you need them. That’s why our mission is to provide the highest quality locksmithing services to the Las Vegas community.


All of our locksmiths are incredibly knowledgeable and trained to provide the information you need to pick the right kinds of locks and security systems for your business or home.

Locksmith Services

Whether you’re looking for a security upgrade, a duplicate key, or need emergency locksmith services A&B Security Group is here for your locksmithing needs.

Commercial Locksmith

We know that all businesses are different and need different security solutions. That why we offer solutions for every business type. We believe that the best solutions are tailored to your business’s specific needs.

We are familiar with standard key locks, access code-based locks, and electronic lock systems. We can also provide locks with ‘Do Not Duplicate’ keys as needed.

We’ve worked with the whole range of Las Vegas businesses and homes from real estate companies to hospitals to government and non-profit organizations. Our broad range of experience gives us the know-how you need to get the best lock system for your business.

We offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services including:

  • Business Lockouts
  • Broken Key Removal
  • Mortise Cylinder replacement
  • Master key System Installation
  • Lock Installation

Everyone knows that it’s easier to break into a business if there are unlocked points of entry than if every single door and functional window has a lock. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your business has a high-quality, custom-designed, commercial lock system.

Our expert technicians will make recommendations for the best locks and lock systems for your property, tailoring it to your needs and the kind of traffic your business handles.

Commercial lock systems should always be handled by a professional locksmith company, like A&B Security Group. There is just no replacement for professional expertise and know-how when it comes to making sure you have an effective, easy, and highly secure system.

Lock and key maintenance is critical for making sure your locking system is still as effective as the day it was installed. Loose keys or a jammed lock can reduce the strength of your security system over time.

Our lock and key maintenance services will make sure your business is secure while reducing the cost of eventual repairs and replacements that are required without maintenance.

System master keys let you and your business control the level of access individuals have to your property. They add an additional layer of security and can make it easier to organize access to different parts of your business.

You can also include a master override key that gives the holder universal access to all the spaces in your business, which allows some critical individuals free movement through the business.

Re-keying is one of the most important services for many businesses. Re-keying helps to restore security to your business after it’s been breached.

We remove the working key and replace it with a new key that works in the existing lock without having to replace the more expensive locking device. The process invalidates the old key and is a low-cost option to help give you added security.

We also work to make sure these services are available as needed since we know that security breaches are almost always sudden and unexpected. We’ll be there when your business needs us.

Being locked out of your business is never fun. It’s a frustrating way to start the day and can even lower your business’s profits and productivity for the day. Worse, being locked out can hurt critical customer relationships and cost long-term business. Don’t feel bad. The United States sees over 16,000 lockouts per day. You are not alone. If you get locked out, we know that getting back into your business as quickly as possible is your priority. Fortunately, A&B Security Group is here to get you back to work as soon as possible.
A&B Security - Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

One of our most important services for residential locksmiths is re-keying your existing locks. That way you know that your new home is secure and there aren’t any matching keys floating around for your home.

We also offer lockout services, key duplication, skeleton and master key manufacture, lock repairs, and deadbolt and lock installation.

Emergency Locksmith Services

We get it. Mistakes happen. You leave your key in the office on your way out. You drop your master key down a storm drain walking to the door.

Lock emergencies happen. That’s why A&B Security Group offers emergency locksmith services. We’ll come to you when you need us and provide fast and efficient service to get you back on schedule and ready to go.

A&B Security - Emergency Locksmith Services

Types of Locks

At A&B Security we work with locks of all types to create the unique lock system you need.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are one of the most secure options to prevent unauthorized access to your business or home.

Electronic locks eliminate the need for traditional keys and the risk that those keys might have been wrongfully duplicated.

Our hardware options and professional installation can be customized to your needs and are significantly more secure and harder to breach than traditional locks and keys.

Programmable codes also give you flexibility and are also often easier than locks and keys.

A&B Security - Electronic Locks Locksmith

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are an important way to counter criminals who easily breach less effective locking systems. At A&B Security Systems we use high-security locks like:

  • Medeco

  • Mul T Locks

  • Kwikset

  • Schlage

  • And many more…

All of our High-Security locks use the latest technology and are specifically designed to thwart traditional lock defeating methods.

We also ensure that your locks are as efficient as possible by providing well-trained technicians with the know-how to complete a perfect install.


Today’s locks are significantly more secure than older locks, and there are a lot more options when it comes to great locks. We offer a full suite of locksmithing services to the Las Vegas community and take pride in providing high-quality customer service and security systems every time.

Need your lock system upgraded or find yourself in the middle of a lock emergency? We can help! Contact us today!

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If you need emergency locksmith services, a security upgrade, or new locks, the team at A&B Security in Las Vegas can help!

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