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Our expert team at A&B Security Group specializes in providing comprehensive security solutions to our Las Vegas community.

Safes For Every Need

Safes can protect your most important possessions and documents. Whether you’re looking for a small safe to help keep valuables in your home or need a large commercial one to help protect your business, A&B Security will work with you to select the best solution for your needs.


Protecting your money and possessions is essential in case of a burglary, fire, or other unpredictable events.

Commercial and Residential Services

All safes have the same basic function, but a good safe is about more than just protecting your possessions from theft.  They’ll also help keep your items safe in case of natural disasters like fires and floods.

Choosing the right safe for your needs is critical for getting the kind of protection you need. There are two basic types, and several more specialized kinds of safes you can work with. The two main categories are commercial safes that are designed for business use and ones that are designed for residential use in your home.

Commercial Safes

Commercial safes protect your daily earnings and other important documents, in restaurants, and even for service providers. Our safe specialists will consider whether your safe will hold high volumes of cash on-site, whether you need administrative access and control, and how often your safe will need a new combination.

When it comes to business use, A&B Security offers deposit and cash safes, under-counter, and drop safes. Professional installation is just as important as buying the right safe, and we’ll provide the skilled installation you need to keep your business safe.

A&B Security - Commercial Safes

Deposit & Cash Safes

A&B Security - Deposit Safes

Restaurants and other goods businesses where cash purchases are common need a securely installed cash deposit safe. Most of these safes are attached to the floor of the building.

These safes are designed for daily use, but generally shouldn’t be used to hold cash reserves overnight as deposit safes are usually not protected from a fire. Instead, these are a temporary holding area that can be used to keep cash until it can be deposited in a more secure location.

Under-counter Safes

A&B Security - Under-Counter Safes

Under-counter safes can be a valuable asset for banks and some businesses that deal with large amounts of cash flow. These are designed to offer high-level security that can be installed under any convenient counter.

Some under-counter safes also include a deposit feature that allows employees to place things in the safe without opening it.

Residential Safes

A residential safe is often designed for long-term storage of valuable items, unlike commercial ones that are often designed to be emptied overnight.

For a residential safe it’s important to consider the kind of items you’re likely to store in your home safe. That’s why there is a wide range of safe types and features for residential use.

Home safes are usually designed to be floor- or wall-mounted to help prevent burglary. They also include a locking mechanism, which can be a keypad code, a combination lock, or a standard key. Professional locksmiths can also open residential safes in an emergency, including helping you change the locking mechanism for less than the cost of a new safe.

Residential safes are also typically lightweight and smaller than commercial ones. However, it can still take special tools and equipment to move them.

A&B Security - Residential Safes
A&B Security - Gun Safes

Gun Safes

Guns are one item that is critical to keep safely stored in your home. Guns are also one of the most commonly stolen items from homes.

Gun safes come in a wide variety of sizes and several different styles. It’s important to consider the thickness of the metal and the type of locking mechanism included. Most of the time a gun cabinet will use thinner 16 to 18 gauge steel, which can be easily broken into. However, thicker 10 or 12 gauge steel is a better option.

Sizes range from just big enough for a single handgun to large enough to hold dozens of large rifles or shotguns.

Options for your Home or Business

Many safes are specialized for only a few purposes, but some are designed for both business and home use. These hybrid options are meant for protection from more than just burglary but even they have their limits. Take a look at our Safe Buying Guide for more information.

A&B Security - Safe Options
A&B Security - Fireproof Safes

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes are generally used to help protect important or irreplaceable documents. They can also be used for valuable items that might be damaged in a fire.

A good fire safe should have a minimum 1-hour fire protection rating. Less than that and you’re much more likely to lose the items and documents protected inside the safe in case of an actual fire. Longer protection times and higher temperature protection is always safer than the minimum protection rating.

However, even the best fireproof safes are only so effective for protecting against burglary. You’ll need a safe rated for both kinds of protection, or a high-security fireproof safe to get double protection.

Wall Safes

Wall safes are used in homes and businesses and can be upgraded to include a fireproof barrier for added protection. Usually, a wall safe is smaller than other varieties and designed to be hidden behind a façade or otherwise kept out of sight.

These are usually thinner than others, which means that they aren’t as secure. For that reason, they are usually not a good location for high-value items or large amounts of cash.

However, wall safes can be used for temporary valuables storage, to keep prescription drugs safe at home or at work, and for other lower-stakes security purposes.

A&B Security - Wall Safes
A&B Security - Floor Safes

Floor Safes

Also known as in-ground, floor safes can be hidden directly in the floor of your home or business, with only the safe door itself showing. These can also be placed slightly lower in the floor with a cover plate to hide the safe and make the safe level with the rest of your floor.

That means that these safes offer high-quality burglar protection, especially if it’s covered by a rug or mobile furniture. They are also a good option for homes and businesses that don’t have a lot of space they can use for a safe.


If you’re looking for a customized safe solution in Las Vegas, A&B Security will work with you to find the right combination of size and security features to meet your exact needs.

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Safes are a great way to protect your assets. Whether you are looking for a commercial safe or residential safe, A&B Security in Las Vegas has you covered.

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