5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Small Business Security

Locksmith checking new lock

Upgrading your small business security doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Some small steps toward better business protection can make the most significant impacts. Here are five simple ways you can control your security efforts to give you the best outcome in the face of a security breach. 

#1 Restrict Access

While it may be inconvenient, limit your key or keycode distribution to as few people as possible, especially in areas containing expensive equipment or sensitive information. Monitor who has access to the spaces and how often the keys or codes are misplaced, lost or forgotten. 

An access control system can help you manage your small business security and make it easier for you to adjust access or limitations to certain areas. For example, you just let go of a disgruntled employee, and you find that they “lost” their key. Without access control locks, you would have to change the locks and redistribute keys, which could add up quickly. Instead, you can easily change the code with keycards or a keycode or deny that employee access. 

#2 Regularly Evaluate Your Building and Upgrade as Needed

Make it part of your daily routine to check your building once a day. Not only will this keep you on top of facility maintenance and repairs, but it will help you develop a sense of expectations so that anything that is out of place stands out

This process is a chance to check your doors, windows, and locks for any needed upgrades or repairs. Is there more you could be doing to increase your small business security system? Maybe an unmonitored, ground-level side window could use a glass break sensor. Or a quiet entryway could use a motion detector. Anything that could alert you to a potential threat as soon as possible helps protect your small business.

#3 Prioritize Your Digital Security 

A digital attack can happen in just seconds, and unfortunately, up to 43% of small businesses experience targeted cybersecurity attacks and other common digital security risks. These statistics are why it’s important to include digital security into your small business security plan. There are so many layers to cybersecurity, but at minimum, you should try to: 

  • Secure your wi-fi network and monitor traffic.
  • Prioritize long, strong passwords and change them often. To help you safely keep track of them all, we recommend a password management tool like LastPass.
  • Ensure all company devices are up to date on software, antivirus, and firewall protection.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication when possible.
  • Lock up your equipment at night.
  • Limit the number of users who have access to admin accounts and promptly remove ex-employee or unused accounts.
  • Train yourself and your employees to recognize phishing and ransomware attacks. 
  • Regularly back up your data!

#4 Properly Dispose of Sensitive Documents

Paper Shredder with confidential documents

You should always properly dispose of documents that contain your social security number, bank information, legal information, passwords, and other personal data. While this may not seem like a high priority to your small business security strategy, it’s an important step you shouldn’t skip.

The easiest way to properly throw away documents with important information is to shred them. Once these materials are in the trash, anyone can access them, so shredding, burning, or pouring water over them effectively eliminates the chance of information theft.

#5 Develop a Response Plan

In the face of an emergency, having a response plan in place will ensure that you meet the proper protocols amidst the chaos. If there’s a security breach to your small business, high adrenaline or emotions can cause you to forget important details and miss vital security steps in the aftermath. Creating a plan of action will help you and your team think straight in the wake of an emergency. And even if it is unused, knowing a plan of action is in place can offer some comfort to worried employees. Here’s a helpful resource from Ready.gov to use when coming up with your security plan.

Secure Your Business with A&B Security

Security efforts should never be taken lightly. Taking these five small proactive steps can help strengthen your small business security measures and prepare you for any breach. If you’re ready to upgrade your business protection, contact the business security specialists at A&B Security today to start creating your customized security system.