The Importance of the Right Commercial Camera System

Commercial Security Camera, CCTV camera for office building

The need for a commercial security camera system cannot be overstated. You love your business and would do anything to protect it. If something were to happen, such as vandalism or a break-in, you would want to know who did it and how. At the same time, it’s also nice to monitor activity and see how things are performing daily. All that can be accomplished by setting up the right commercial camera system.

Needs Assessment for Commercial Security Camera

Finding the right commercial camera system for your business starts by assessing your needs. There are several options on the market, and you must find the one that works best for your business’s needs.

Necessary Level of Security and Coverage

What would you like to surveil? What are you most worried about protecting? Are you looking to avoid theft and vandalism? Is it more for health, safety, and liability reason? Staff monitoring is a critical need for a commercial camera system as well. By identifying what you need to be surveilled, a well-informed decision can be made on what type of commercial camera system is necessary.

Type of Footage Recording and Storage

Cloud storage is today’s most popular service for businesses to store security camera footage. These services are used in addition to physical storage devices installed on the business’s server. Cloud storage services provide extra space for commercial camera systems to store footage while helping security teams and business owners access the footage remotely. Subscription fees may vary depending on the system type (residential, commercial, or enterprise), camera resolution, and compression. You must also consider whether or not you want the camera to store the footage on the camera and send it to a recording device. Cameras with built-in memory storage tend to be more expensive, but the footage will be recorded even if something interferes with the signal.

Level of Detail Needed

Many businesses need every bit of their property (indoors and outdoors) covered by camera systems. However, simply recording the main entrances may not be adequate. At A&B Security, we can help your business decide how much detail is needed and find the right equipment for your business.

Type of Business and Industry Requirements

Some industries have specific security requirements, while others do not. For instance, medical facilities, banks, casinos, and construction sites may have additional legal requirements that must be strictly followed.

Traditional vs. Proactive Systems

When people think of commercial security camera systems, they often imagine a traditional camera network that records footage 24/7 to video file storage. This system is standard, but also has a significant flaw. The footage the system records can only be used after an incident. The traditional system is a store of evidence and only helpful to support investigations and prosecutions if the culprits are ever caught. This conventional, reactive commercial security camera system can be an economical choice if budgeting is an issue. Still, your business should be aware that it provides some form of recourse should the worst happen. Proactive systems will record footage, store it, and allow remote access to cameras. It also deters intruders before they can commit a crime by combining live video monitoring with personalized audio warnings.

Commercial Camera System Features to Consider

There are several factors to consider when acquiring a commercial security camera system for your business. The significant factors to consider are listed below, but contact us today for a consultation and investigation into your specific needs.

Camera Resolution and Field of View

Security camera resolution is one of the most critical factors when purchasing a commercial security camera. Your business should strive for at least a 4megapixel resolution that enables footage zooming and panning when reviewing. The field of view can be equally important, determining how much of an area a single camera can cover.


Indoor/Outdoor Capability

Where do you plan to install your security cameras? Are you purchasing the surveillance system for indoor or outdoor use? These questions must be answered to know whether or not you should get weatherproof cameras. It is also essential to check your security systems’ IP (Ingress Protection) rating before you make a purchasing decision.

Frame Rate

Frame rate is the number of stills a camera stitches together in one second. A high frame rate means the video footage will render smoothly – the lower the frame rate, the poorer the quality of footage. Selecting a camera with at least a 30 FPS rate is highly recommended. Specialty cameras are available for applications where objects/vehicles move fast, such as tolls, street surveillance, and sports venues. These cameras record video at up to 60 FPS.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is the most basic technology in any modern commercial security camera system. Advanced, high-end camera systems feature video analytics software capable of detecting and classifying objects.

Audio Sensors

Audio sensors in commercial security cameras play a crucial role in the security system of your business area. These sensors help trigger the camera to perform specific actions such as turning on and off, focusing on a subject, or rotating to capture the footage of the person speaking. It can also be used for communicating with someone within the camera frame.

Wired vs. Wireless

Businesses often opt for wired surveillance systems because they are faster, more efficient, and offer better technology. There are many options for commercial security cameras that can be tailored to your business’s needs. Wireless systems can be less expensive to install and easier to update, but their reliability is slightly lower than a fully wired system.

Price and Warranty

It’s easy to get caught up in the technical details and innovative technology of commercial camera systems. Still, it’s essential to weigh each type of system’s cost, features, and benefits and compare it to your business’s budget. Smaller budgets may need to compromise on some features, but not with important ones such as quality of camera build, wires, and storage device. You must also ensure the surveillance systems have at least a one-year warranty. Extended warranties may be available for specific systems when you buy through authorized partners. Keep in mind the lifetime cost of the system as some may be cheaper to purchase but will have several software/firmware issues and require more intensive service and support.

How we can Help

At A&B Security, our specialists will work with you to find the right commercial security camera system for your business. We can also handle the repair and maintenance of all your camera systems, plus any additional configuration that may be needed in the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with all your commercial security camera needs.