Advantages of Professional Security Camera Installation

Technician Installing Camera

Security cameras, sensors, motion detectors, keypad locks – any essential equipment needed to safeguard your business should never be a weekend DIY project. When it comes to your business’s security cameras, it doesn’t seem right to place your employees, your property, or your inventory in the hands of an improperly installed system. The only way to truly feel safe and secure 24/7 is with professional security camera installation, and here’s why.

Professionally Installed Systems Are Safer

Not only are do-it-yourself systems harder to install on multilevel and multiple access-point facilities, but installing a professional system captures more square footage. This level of coverage is essential for insurance compliance and reducing liability in a serious incident. They are also easier to maintain and integrate with the rest of your commercial security system.

Plus, hiring a professional can offer you advice and input from a trained expert. The specialist can advise you on the best locations to place your camera system for maximum security, teach you how to troubleshoot the technology should issues arise, and help incorporate your cameras into the rest of your security system. 60% of burglars say the presence of a security system will deter them from that location. The last thing you need is a malfunction from faulty wiring or inexpensive equipment. These added benefits alone make a professional security camera installation worthwhile. 


Professional Security Camera

Professionally Installed Systems Are Higher Quality

The security company you purchase your camera systems from can often help you design a customized system to fit your specific business needs. From planning to installation to implementation, your main security concerns will be addressed with state-of-the-art technology. If needed, the system equipment can be integrated into the environment or decor to help cover your security vulnerabilities, both inside and out.

And, because you’re purchasing your security equipment from a reputable organization, your system is more equipped with quality technology and backed by warranties and company regulations. In an emergency, the last thing you need is your system to stop working because of wiring problems, hardware (cameras, NVR/DVR, or monitor) failures, inefficient camera software, and IP address conflicts. You’ll also have an easier time pairing this higher-quality system with your other security equipment. 

Professionally Installed Systems Are Economical

You may not believe this at first but think about it. In comparison, higher-quality items cost more upfront but last much longer. You could go the cheaper route, but how long will it take before that security camera system breaks or needs an update? The costs of constantly replacing, fixing, or updating lower-quality equipment can quickly add up. 

OR, you could get your highest cost out of the way now and invest in high-quality equipment and a professional security camera installation. Then, sit back and watch your security investment pay off over a longer period. We think that sounds like the better option, too.

Elevate Your Commercial Security with A&B Security

Just because you can install a DIY security camera system doesn’t necessarily mean you should. For adequate business security, you’re much better off with a professional security camera installation. Cheap, box-store security camera kits are notorious for producing a highly compromised security solution. At A&B Security, we work with many of the world’s leading security camera brands, like Hikvision, Bosch, Axis, Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, Digital Watchdog, Toshiba, Lorex, and Swann.

Are you ready to take your business security to the next level? There’s no need to settle for a system that only monitors what happens. Contact us today to speak with one of our specialists and elevate your commercial security.