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Burglary Protection Tips for your Business

Burglary Protection is a serious concern if you own or manage a business in Las Vegas. With nearly 650,000 residents and millions of visitors a year, there are more and more reasons to make sure your business is secure from burglary and break-ins.

Las Vegas Crime Rates

Las Vegas crime rates are 33% higher than the national average. Your business has a 1-in-37 chance of being part of a property crime. Burglaries can cause a significant loss for businesses, including impacting your abilities to serve your customers after a break-in. Taking a few strategic steps designed for burglary prevention can significantly protect your company, equipment, and all of your investments. 

Basic Burglary Protection: Interior & Exterior Lighting 

Most thieves like to work under the shield of darkness. Having decent interior and exterior lighting is one of the most effective deterrents in preventing business break-ins. Pay close attention to places around your business that are not in plain view. Often, these areas are where thieves gain access to your facility. Keep all lighting in good working order.

Pay attention to where lighting is placed. Using light fixtures that are in cages or exceptionally durable dramatically reduces the chances of a break-in. If you have burned-out bulbs or damaged fixtures, have them repaired and replaced immediately.

Exterior Doors & Windows

Trash dumpsters, overnight parked vehicles, and overgrown shrubbery can furnish great cover for a burglar. Windows and doorways should be clear of all trees and shrubs. Keeping them trimmed and out of the way drastically reduces the number of hiding spaces around your building. 

Burglar-resistant glazing can be added to exterior windows. This provides the standard appearance of glass yet is increasingly more robust and more secure. Consult a security expert to learn more about window glazing. 

Ask your security professionals about your window latches. Many are easily pried open. If necessary, installing heavy-duty window locks, vinyl window locks with alarms, and even window bars significantly add to security.

Consider installing exterior doors that are metal or solid-core wood and that fit tightly in their frames. These should have heavy-duty deadbolt locks and heavy-duty strike plates and use long, lag screws to penetrate the studs in the walls. If there is a small panel of glass in the door, use a double-cylinder deadbolt lock. Adding door-jamb reinforcements can keep an intruder from kicking in the door. Also, avoid doors with outside door pins. These can be easily removed. Be sure to secure your garage doors with a padlock in the track to prevent them from being opened after hours.

Safes and Register Tips

  • Cash registers should be kept in plain view from the outside of your business. This way, police can monitor it at any time. Leave it open after you close the store.
  • Ensure that your safe is fireproof and is anchored to the floor securely. This should also be in plain view and a well-lit space. There is a much better chance of catching a thief while attempting to breach your safe if it is exposed. Check out a short but informative video about this.
  • Make sure to deposit any significant amounts of cash you have on hand into the bank as soon as possible. If you do keep substantial amounts on-site, make sure to store them in your securely installed cash deposit safe during business hours. 
  • When a former employee has had access to your safe, always change the combination when you no longer employ them.
A&B Security Break-In Prevention

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Commercial Monitoring Systems

There are many ways to provide good burglary protection for your business.    is an alarm and video monitoring system. There are many different types of burglary crime prevention plans available that range from a simple design that has basic, local alarms to a central-station system that would alert a security team and the authorities. These can also protect the perimeter of the building or a specific object.

The technology with video surveillance has come a long way in recent years. For a small investment, your entire perimeter can be covered with video monitoring. Security video can help immensely with capturing thieves and getting your stolen items returned.

Consider a Security Upgrade System

In an online article titled: How Business Security Pays for Itself, we learn: “If security breaches do happen, they can be disastrous. Whether it’s a hacker gaining access to your customer’s personal information or a thief breaking in to steal company laptops, breaches compromise not just your finances, but your long-term reputation, and perhaps even the safety of your employees.”

Thus, investing in a new or upgraded alarm system is crucial to protecting your business from burglary. Thieves are getting smarter; your commercial security system needs to as well. At A&B Security, we encourage you to decide on what level of security fits the needs of your business. Do your research, then make the call. Your business’s future is relying on it.

A&B has over three decades of proven service protecting businesses from burglary in the Vegas area. Secure your business, employees, and your livelihood with help from a dedicated team of security professionals. Get started on your updated alarm and video monitoring system for your business today.

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