How Can A Commercial Locksmith Benefit Your Business?

Pile of keys for A&B Security locksmith services

We understand that every business is different and may require unique commercial locksmith solutions. You may need access code-based locks while the next business can simply upgrade their standard lock and key. That’s why partnering with a security specialist that offers tailored security solutions are essential to securing your assets. From non-profits to hospitals and everything in-between, a quality company can help you protect your business with a custom security plan. 

Customizable Commercial Locksmith Services Include:  

Timely Commercial Lockout Response – Every second the doors remain locked is more time and money you can’t get back. Unfortunately, business lockouts are pretty common. The good news is, we can quickly and efficiently assess the situation, and get you back inside the premises. 

Broken Key Removal – Attempting to retrieve a broken key from inside your lock yourself is not advised. Bobby pins, tweezers, paper clips, glue- they can all push your key fragment further down into your lock, increasing frustration and time wasted. Don’t search for some DIY hack on the internet. It’s best to call a local expert with experience and professional tools available to quickly determine the best course of action. 

Re-keying – When you need to replace the working key but not the cylinder, a professional locksmith can rework the key pins to correspond with a new key, making your lost or broken key ineffective. This is a cost-effective way of preventing a security breach when a key is missing, stolen, or broken

broken key and cylinder for A&B Security locksmith services

Mortise Cylinder Replacement – Just as with rim cylinders or tubular deadbolt cylinders, mortise cylinders have defining characteristics that require specific action when replacing. Because cylinder replacements are often a necessary step in a stressful situation, it’s best to call in a professional commercial locksmith to ensure the proper installation of your new cylinder. 

Master Key System Installation – When you need to control the levels of access that individuals have to your commercial property, master key systems add that additional level of protection. In fact, you can obtain a master override key for universal access to all areas of your business, without the need for a noisy, clunky keyring.

Digital Lock Servicing – Electronic, biometric, keyless, and other high-security locks are some of the most secure systems to add to high-sensitive areas. These options are harder to breach, more economical, and more user-friendly, which makes them an attractive, higher-cost option. If you’re wondering which type of alternative system to invest in, talk with your professional service first.

Installation, Maintenance, Repair, or Upgrades – And of course, customizable services should always include general lock and key system installation, maintenance and repair for loose keys, jammed locks, and more, and upgrades to newer mechanical or electronic key systems. Our services aren’t limited to entry points, either. We service mechanical and digital locks for safes, as well. 

What to look for in your next Commercial Locksmith Servicer

Simply put, look for a company that will work with you to create a unique security system that best fits your business needs. Whether that be mechanical, electronic, biometrics, safes, or more. You deserve a reliable locksmith servicer that is knowledgeable, timely, and friendly, and who can easily answer some common lock and key questions that every business owner should ask.

Gain Peace of Mind with A&B Security

A&B Security is the commercial locksmith professional you can count on. We help protect homes and businesses in the greater Las Vegas area, providing the community with security solutions for over 33 years. If you’re interested in safeguarding your business with alarm systems, security cameras, safes, custom-designed security systems, or more, we can certainly help give you that extra peace of mind. Contact us today!