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Keyless Door Locks: Gaining Secure Access to Your Business

Technology continues to advance for gaining access to normally key-locked entries. Keyless Door Locks are becoming more and more popular around the globe, changing the ways that entries can be more secure and more easily accessible. 

Most of us have used key cards for hotels or our places of employment; yet, technological advances have brought us way past these types of security. Keyless Door Lock options are advancing with fobs, cell phone access, and now biometrics. The latter using thumbprints, facial recognition, and retina scans to gain entry through a secure mechanism or lock. 

These advancements bring on the necessity of experts in the security field to help businesses make the transition into a state-of-the-art, keyless door lock system. A&B Security has experienced technicians to get your new system installed quickly and properly.

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Pros of a Keyless Door Lock System


Cloud technology has dramatically improved in the last few years giving more control of the security and access to commercial facilities. It also helps businesses simplify their day-to-day operations and keep their buildings properly secured. A major uptick with new cloud technology is the easy access that can be granted by using mobile devices. In this day and age, most employees have their cellphones on them, in pockets, purses, etc, at all times. By using their phones to gain access, it is simply easier and less stressful than searching for the right key for the right locks every time they need access. Simplified activity is one of the main driving points for the new popularity in keyless entries.


Another benefit is different levels of access can be granted for higher and lower levels of staff where it stays consistent with their individual responsibilities. No longer is there a hands-on management position needed to secure certain levels of security-based entries. Not only does this make the facility more secure, but it also saves valuable time and money used to police these entries. Removing the added expense of having keys made and lock maintenance maintained only adds to the savings.

Modern, keyless entries have a much higher level of security than traditional locks. They can also grant one-time access to specific people and/or maintenance. This removes the need for staff or keys to be distributed. Stolen or misplaced keys are a huge burden to businesses as well as illicit duplication of them. By no longer needing an actual key, security is greatly improved. Using an actual key and lock may be becoming a thing of the past.

 An article by Michael Gips, of Swiftlane Online, titled: Access Control Trends in 2021: The Future of Access Control, discusses these trends a bit further. Gips writes: “Physical security is seeing a strong shift towards cloud-based access control, due to huge benefits provided in terms of operational improvements, higher security and easy multi-site management of access to reap the benefits of limitless scalability.” A&B understands these new trends and stays on the cutting-edge of technology to bring you the latest, best-performing security and access systems.


Keyless door locks can also be tracked and evaluated for any entry. As a bonus, these logged entries can be monitored from a mobile location, sending exact info to the specific mobile device from anywhere on the globe. This alleviates a lot of the discrepancies when determining who and when someone accessed the entry, giving the person in charge considerably more control as well as credible evidence if needed. Adding these features to your business’ security system adds a lot of extra safeguards at the administrator’s fingertips. A&B Security is excited to bring more than 30-Years of expertise in the security industry in aiding with your new, technologically advanced, keyless door lock system. 

Types of Keyless Door Lock Systems 

There are three main types of Keyless Door Lock Systems. Keypad Keyless Locking Systems have an easy installation, and they are easy to use. They are somewhat limited because they cannot be accessed by administrators to remotely unlock doors or resolve problems. 

Then there are the Key Fob Controlled Locks. These are sometimes known as proximity keyless systems. They work well in commercial settings and require very little effort from your users. They can also be tracked, disabled, or set for limited uses and access abilities. It is easy to change access and disable them; however, they cannot be unlocked or controlled remotely. 

And thirdly, there are Remote Keyless Entry Systems. These rely on wireless options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-wave connections. These are also known as Smart Locks. They can access a multitude of services including older systems that have keycards, fobs, etc., and can be done using a cellphone or other mobile device. Smart Locks work with cloud-based software and are mobile-friendly. They help immensely with monitoring all the data for businesses and allow mobile access to their systems. They can also be linked to older parts of your current system like cameras and alarms, to keep the costs under control. 

Choosing Your Security Firm 

A&B Security Group was established in 1987 in Las Vegas. Through all this time, we have been dedicated to bringing the latest technologies, a top-notch security staff, and the best equipment options to your business. Working with your security needs and helping your business grow safer and more secure is our dedication to you. Get started today with installing and/or updating your keyless door lock system.